Frequently Asked Questions

How old a driver has to be and how experienced he has to be?

A driver has to be minimum 21 years old and be a holder of driving license of at least 2 years.

What documets are required in oder to rent a vehicle?

In order to rent a vehicle, valid ID and driving license are needed.

What is the mileage per day?

The mileage per day is 500km, if not agreed in advance. I.e. if you are renting a minibus for 3 days, that means you have 3 X 500 = 1500km. Every additional kilometer costs 0,5Lt (0,15Eur).

Is the vehicle fully tanked when rented?

Yes, the vehicle is fully tanked if not agreed different in advance. Every missing liter costs 5Lt (1.45Eur).

What is the deposit for the rental?

The deposit is equal to 500Lt (144,81Eur).

What is to be done to get the deposit back?

If the vehicle and additional equipment are returned without damage and other contract conditions are not violated, the deposit is returned in full amount. If the deposit was handed in in cash, it is returned in cash when the vehicle is delivered. If the deposit was transfered via e-banking, it is returned within 5 working days.

Is the advance payment required?

The tenant might be asked to transfer/pay in cash the advance payment. The amount equals to 30-40% of the full amount of the rent.

Can other people than the contracted person drive the vehicle?

Yes, additional drivers are possible. The responsible person for the vehicle remains to be the contracted person.

Where is it possible to pick up/return the vehicle?

The vehicle can be picked up and returned at Metalo g. 13 a, Vilnius. It is possible to deliver the vehicle to other locations. 

Is it possible to return the vehicle on non-office hours?

It is possible to return the vehicle on weekdays 8 to 18 if not agreed in advance. If the vehicle is picked up or returned in other location or time, additional costs may apply.

What should be done if you are late to return the vehicle?

If you are late to return the vehicle, first you should call phone +370 688 11444. Every additional hour is equal to 40Lt/h (11,58Eur).

How the rent contract looks like?

The contract in Lithuanian could be found HERE.


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Why is it worth to choose long-term rental sevices for your company?

Long-term car rental helps to reduce or avoid the costs of car repair and plan the expenditures for transportation more efficiently.


Long-term rental - the period from 3 months and up 2 years. There is no administrative fee, the first payment is the sum of the first and the last month fee for the rental services.

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